Shopping with a young baby isn’t always the fun we imagine it to be.

We focus on the essentials. Handpicking organic, fashionable, seasonal baby clothing and bundle it up for you.

An eco friendly capsule wardrobe to your door every 3 months or when needed to match babies growth. So you will always have the right size clothes, right when you need them.

Leaving you time to focus on the more important things - like snuggles, naps and coffee!


Eliminate the stores of clothes cluttering up your home waiting for baby to grow into them or a trip to the charity shop.

​New research shows that 183 million items of outgrown baby clothes are estimated to be stashed in UK homes. Worldwide; billions of tonnes of clothes are in wardrobes, stuffed in drawers, bagged up in lofts.

The Little Rental Company wants to make life simple - helping you live an uncluttered, minimalist life whilst reducing your babies clothing waste.


It’s estimated that parents spend approximately £11,000 clothing their child, and that is rising. 

The Little Rental Company provides access to a wide range of organic clothes at a much cheaper price than buying yourself.


Shopping Organic isn't cheap that's for sure, our bundles costs on average £292.48 to buy at retail. So that's a £166.48 saving every 3 months!


The clothes we source are always 100% pure organic cotton, so use minimal earth-poisoning chemicals and they are produced without exploiting our fellow human beings.

Renting clothing is a powerful way to reduce clothes waste. This saves on energy and water - and reduces polluting waste products. 

A percentage of good use-able clothes are actually thrown away, the charity WRAP reports that in the UK we throw away a staggering 350,000 tonnes per year!


Clothes waste is costing us the earth.

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