Safer for our babies, kinder to our planet. All the clothes in our bundles are 100% pure organic cotton, the perfect fibre that is soft on our baby's skin and looks after the earth and its inhabitants.

Today nearly 20% of all water waste pollution occurs through the production of the non-organic clothes. Regular clothes are often made from synthetic fibres, manufactured with petrochemicals, acrylics and PVC.  This pollution continues in the products themselves; chemical dyes, fertiliser residues that remain within the fabric all ends up on our children’s bodies.


Organic clothes do not contain pesticide residues in its fibres. So they do far less damage to the earth and they don’t send dangerous pollutants into rivers and streams. Better still, there are no chemical residues in the material so your baby’s skin never comes into contact with the kind of harsh toxins that are used in non-organic production. 

Organic fibres are hard wearing and last for years, this is why they can be reused over and over again by different families. We search high and low for suppliers who offer high quality, durable clothing that will stand the test of time. Pure, soft, durable, machine washable pieces that can safely be passed from baby to baby. Easy to wear and easy to care for. Organic makes eco sense!


The Little Rental Company never compromise on products, only providing clothing that meet our core values and philosophy. 


Our babies are a product of nature – chemically tainted clothes are not. Our children deserve to be raised in a chemical free world.