I'm a busy working mummy of two and I'm passionate about doing my bit to help save the planet and raise my children to do the same. I'm seeking to help reduce the environmental harm caused by the fashion and textile industry. I created The Little Rental Company as a way to help globally minded parents to reduce their families clothing waste whilst ensuring their baby is dressed in organic clothing from a fair trade source. I also have a love for beautiful clothes and having a design background, adore pulling together outfits and curating beautiful bundles of clothing for children.

In the UK we are currently wasting thousands of tonnes of clothing per year - all of which has to be replaced through additional, unnecessary polluting manufacturing. Every environmental group in the world agrees: If we simply curbed our society's worst waste excesses the damage we inflict on our natural environment would reduce dramatically. We're all aware today that manufacturing processes use up resources and produce pollution. We can pollute less. We simply need to manufacture less. Less producing means less polluting. 

It may feel that alone we can't make much of a change, but every small change matters and together we have the ability to change it for the better.